Chicago, 13 ottobre 2005

13 ottobre 2005

Chicago, IL

United Center



01 Idiot's delight
02 Living proof  
03 Devils and dust
04 The ties that bind
05 Long time coming
06 I wish I were blind  
07 Tougher than the rest  
08 Johnny 99
09 State trooper  
10 All I'm thinkin' about
11 Ain't got you  
12 Highway patrolman
13 Reno
14 When you're alone  
15 Racing in the street  
16 The rising
17 Further on (up the road)
18 Jesus was an only son  
19 This hard land
20 The new timer 
21 Matamoros banks
22 Growin' up  
23 Bobby Jean
24 The promised land
25 Dream baby dream


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